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Baby Shower in New York
Baby Shower in New York

At the end of the 8th month of pregnancy and the mothers begin by refining the last details to welcome the new member of the family that will undoubtedly be a blessing for all. From knowing the hospital where the child will be born, relaxation and breathing practices, clothes and baby accessories to a complete delivery plan so that everything comes out more smoothly and calmly.

Likewise, in most families it is customary to celebrate a holiday before birth as a celebration in advance on the occasion of the arrival of the new baby. Normally this holiday or meeting is organized by the sister, the cousin, the aunt and even the mother of the future mother. It is a very current custom and practiced in the United States but over the years it has spread to the different countries that make up the planet.

The celebration of a good baby shower must include some essential elements that will be remembered in the memory of the guests and the closest ones such as invitations, decoration, cake, gifts and of course that which registers the best moments, feelings and emotions emanated by the participants as is photography and videography.

Artview Studios offers you the benefit of having the best captures of excellent quality and full color to relive those moments full of joy and excitement for the birth of that baby that is on the way and that has certainly changed the lives of parents and family . And with greater reason if it is the firstborn of the family is essential to store those moments and mixed feelings that sprout parents, friends and family that day they decided to celebrate the advent of the baby with the greatest naturalness and spontaneity that reflect our images and videos for Let them be remembered all their lives.

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