Anniversary Photography in New York

Anniversary Photography in New York
Anniversary Photography

Usually most people are aware of the celebration of silver wedding anniversary that refers to the 25 years of life in marriage and the golden wedding that we could say the best known since it has become accustomed to a celebration commemorative for nothing more and nothing less to reach 50 years of marriage bond.

However, each year fulfilled within marriage has its own meaning that perhaps many of the readers do not know and for this reason they only make small gifts or dedications just like a day of lovers completely ignoring the connotation of the anniversary lived at that moment.

Artview Studios, is a company with a long history in the area of ​​photography and videography for diversity of events held in New York, that is why we have enough knowledge about the event to work and in this case we will present the different wedding anniversary celebrations that may interest you and not wait for 25 and 50 years in conviviality to make a memorable celebration.

For example, the 5 years of marriage are important for the couple since it is the first occasion to celebrate since the wedding day, it is called wooden weddings because it symbolizes the marriage stability that has remained during the first 5 years. as communication and dialogue between both.

An important aspect to keep in mind is the gifts for that date that based on this type of anniversary should be made of wood, be it a picture frame, a chest, a ring among others.

Of equal way it would be fantastic to realize a celebration commemorating this important date in which they linked their lives for always where they appear decorative elements made with wood. Also the gifts of the guests must also be objects made of wood which will grant a beautiful celebration that you will remember forever. And for you to have an excellent celebration that goes through generations nothing better than recording that moment through static images (photographs) or moving (videos) of high quality that describe and narrate the best moments lived on such a special day as the one They are celebrating.

For them and for diversity of public we offer other events such as: Wedding Photography, Photography for Baby Shower, Photography of Baptism, Photography of 15 years, Corporate Photographs, Advertising Photographs, and much more. 

We have a team of experts with advanced equipment that together with the passion for our work that characterizes us, our customers will have a small trunk where they can store feelings: joys, happiness, and of course the love that emanates from the married.

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