Anniversary Photography in New York

Anniversary Photography in New York. Photo by Beth Solano on Unsplash

It seems that there are only Silver Weddings (25th wedding anniversary) and Gold (50 years of marriage), since they are usually celebrated with a large commemorative party with family and closest friends. However, every year that goes by in our marriage has its own 'first and last name', often related to the type of gift that husbands should be given.

So, your first year together you celebrate your paper weddings, so the most appropriate gift will have to be related to this material (be it a book, an agenda, a personal letter, etc.); and the second, cotton, so a good idea with the gift is a piece of clothing or a complement; as in leather weddings, those that are celebrated on the third wedding anniversary; or in flax, in the fourth year. The five years of marriage is usually an important time for many couples, so you should celebrate as it deserves: with wooden weddings, where it is recommended to take a trip 'reminder' of your wonderful honeymoon.

At 15 years, glass weddings are celebrated, something that does not happen every day, so it is a moment that you must celebrate with your family. That is why Artview Studios is the one that will present the present to offer you an unforgettable anniversary of crystal weddings. We have for you the packages with the captures of those most exciting moments in which we commemorate the first fifteen years of union before God, which will undoubtedly be within your reach.

For the most demanding tastes we have for you a romantic dinner in a luxury restaurant in New York City, where in the light of the moon you can remember the moments of sadness and joy that have lived during this period of time. Of course our team will be there to portray the perfect scene of this celebration and have an unforgettable crystal wedding.

As creativity is what we have left over we have for all those who wish it a photographic collage with their best moments as a couple, we have an excellent postproduction system, we can add any phrase, photo retouching, or any effect you want, so that you surprise to your partner in these 15 years.

Of course we can add any music background to the collage or we can simply arm you individually in a CD of your favorite songs, the one that was in fashion the day you met! Or the day of the first kiss, in short we are to serve you according to your plans.

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