Family Photography in New York

Family Photography in New York
Family Photography in New York..Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash
Once you create a family, you want to portray every special moment you spend together, and what better than Artview Studios to capture magical moments in your life and that of your loved ones. That is why today we present some ideas of the techniques that we apply in our work:

1 Sweet kisses on the floor: Not all family photos have to be stopped or static, sometimes playing with the positions is very interesting, lying on the floor or in the yard of your house, varying the positions of the baby and parents. Accompanied with a tender family kiss focusing on the smallest member, the result ends up being a beautiful photo full of love, which can be done in color or black and white, you choose!

2 Chain of kisses: Following the theme of kissing, one of the best ways to frame a picture is to bring the family together and what better to do in profile, with a chain of kisses that ends with the new member. The black and white or grayscale is very beautiful with these photos as they give a touch much more sensitive.

3 Framing mom and dad: It is very original and fun to take photographs with a large photo frame, which this time for some nice family photos you can use it placing your children forward and you behind as framing the couple that is the beginning of the family. They can also be placed together and making the photo more original and fun.

4 Family on scale: If you have a large family a very good way to take a great picture is on a ladder, yes! a staircase, of those that many of us have at home or if you do not have us, we place you in the perfect place. Placing the smallest ones in the highest part and the biggest ones below you create a very nice family photo, where they can leave all together or only the children.
We have many more ideas that we are eager to present, and that you finally choose the pose you want, all the support and advice we provide.

Because we are aware that a portrait is for life, we have a team of professionals who do the work inspired by what you want with all the detail and care that characterizes us so that you are satisfied forever and relive those moments in the moment and place that you like.

We have excellent packages at the best price for you, you choose the one you most want, although from now on we tell you that all our promotions are accessible to you. Contact us and we will expand the information.

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