Independence Day in New York

Independence Day in New York
Independence Day in New York

The Independence Day of the United States (Independence Day or The Fourth of July in English) is the national holiday celebrated on July 4 in the United States. This day marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 in which the country proclaimed its formal separation from the British Empire. It is usually celebrated with many outdoor activities such as parades, baseball games and fireworks shows. It is the traditional date for several car races, including the Firecracker 400 of the NASCAR Cup Series at Daytona, the Cleveland Grand Prix of the Champ Car Series and the Watkins Glen Grand Prix of the IndyCar Series.

Ways to Celebrate Independence Day.

Americans celebrate July 4 in different ways, depending on the part of the country where they reside. In Texas they love a day of rodeo, in California the escapes to the pacific beaches, the zones of interior, a good picnic or barbecue with base of hamburgers, ribs or hot dogs, while the jazz festivals invade Kentucky and the declaration of Independence is read, live, at the Boston City Hall; each place adapts the celebration to your particular vision.

The parades are also typical claims in large cities, while the competitions invite to use the watermelon as a reason for competition until finding the best tragón, being this the most consumed fruit during the Independence Day.

The most prominent place is the Statue of Liberty, on the island of Manhattan, a monument completely related to the sense of independence for Americans, so the fireworks fired in this place takes on a prominent role with more than 22 tons of merchandise pyrotechnic, while other mythical places such as Lake Michigan in Chicago, San Francisco Bay or the Reflective Pool to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC also let out their own fires.

It is impressive is observed panorama in the Statue of Liberty at the time of the fireworks launches. Artview Studios has been present at this celebration and has captured with our lens, that magical and illuminated moment, that transmits an impression to the human eye. For that reason today we want to offer you the best photographs in those strategic points of the city of New York, so that you have a great memory of this memorable and important day of the United States, either alone, with your partner or family, one of the most significant is to have the statue of freedom in the background, but we can also do it in the parades or on the playing field.

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